Hard fought victory in Dallas, Texas! Gordon fought off injury and a very tough rival to take a closely contested victory here in Dallas tonight. João Gabriel Rocha is one of the toughest in Jiu Jitsu today with wins over Felipe Pena, Rudolfo Viera and Erbeth Santos among many others. He has won two silver medals and had a nearly forty pound weight advantage – this was always going to be a tough match. In the first ten minute period, Mr Rocha performed a well executed uchi mata throw that took both completely off the stage. Then Gordon Ryan came back with two beautiful guard seeps to take top position. Unfortunately he then badly tore his LCL in his knee. It was immediately apparent his movement had become compromised. When he came back to the corner to begin the second time period featuring points we noted that it would be prudent to go to and attack the legs. Mr Ryan did exactly that – scoring the best submission attempt of the with a fine outside that forced a strong defensive reaction from and Rocha and secured points. Now it was question of whether he would be able to hold on to the lead with an injured leg in the two minutes remaining. Mr Rocha did a great job of pressure passing as the seconds passed and tested Mr Ryan’s Guard retention to the limits. Time ended with Mr Ryan still and another tough win in the books! We will have to the extent of the injury now. Here we back stage with proud Dad, Gordon Ryan Sr and Rich Byrne, the CEO of @kasaigrappling who, along with Rolles Gracie, is doing such an amazing job of promoting grappling nationwide through their organization. Hope you all enjoyed the show!! I am sure these two great will meet again with both looking for a decisive to resolve the tightness of this great match tonight