Filming in Boston: Today I finished up the final installment of the ENTER THE SYSTEM instructional series – The Bar (juji gatame). Then we began filming more material for the next series FUNDAMENTALS: FURTHER FASTER This represents a radical departure from the ENTER THE SYSTEM series. It is a gi series and our intention is to make a series showing a path to quicker progress through the use of a structure that builds a foundation of essential upon which the sport is based taught with a level of technical detail and conceptual insight that cuts down on the spent to get to a strong level of performance. As such, the content is much more classical positional work – the foundation of the sport. It is positional excellence that will create the opportunity for submission brilliance further down the road for developing athletes. I always loved fundamentals more than any other aspect of Jiu Jitsu – that is where the heart and soul of the sport is, so I’m having a blast with this material! I hope you get similar enjoyment when you get to use it on all your teammates! Heading home now on the train from Boston – tired but happy. Big day of training back at RGA tomorrow and looking forward to it Wishing you all the best from somewhere between Boston and New York City!