KNOW MORE – WIN MORE: The first step in performance improvement in Jiu Jitsu is KNOWLEDGE. someone who KNOWS THE CORRECT THING TO DO will always have a chance of success, where as someone who simply does not not know the correct thing to do has no chance. Then the question will always become – if they know the correct thing to do, are they actually CAPABLE of doing it. You must begin with and then build that knowledge into a skill. Without the prerequisite knowledge, the skill is very difficult to build. My job as a coach is to supply the knowledge and then construct a training program to build the skills into the student. I have made my career as a coach on the notion that knowledge and skill will generally prevail over toughness, spirit and will. In the last year I have been able to massively increase my reach to people outside the gym in which I teach through video instruction. My in partnering with @bjj.fanatics is to get out to the world the same knowledge i offer to my students in the classroom and then they can in their own and through their own daily training convert that knowledge into skill – skill that help take them towards their goals and dreams in the sport. In a world of tough where a great number strive for only a tiny number of prizes I count on KNOWLEDGE as the single most important resource you can have – more important than all the things we ordinarily stake our success on – toughness, courage, tenacity, etc. My goal is make people see that every battle on the mats and indeed every battle in life is a war of knowledge where WHO KNOWS MORE WINS MORE. Once knowledge is infused then you must go in to convert that knowledge into a SKILL by physical training but it all begins with knowledge. There is a sense in which our create a partnership. We offer the initial knowledge and you train to convert that into skills. There are not many things in life of which I am certain – but one of them is this – in all combat, KNOW MORE – WIN MORE.