One of the most fundamental concepts in all of Jiu Jitsu is that of BASE/BALANCE. Whenever you are in top position or position it is crucial that you be able to maintain some form of base so that you are STABLE ENOUGH TO GET THE TASKS YOU NEED TO DO, DONE. when you begin Jiu Jitsu most people equate base/balance with STATIC BASE. That is, a stable stationary position that feels secure and solid, usually featuring widely spread hands and feet and lowered center of gravity. That is fine for beginners class, but understand something – as you go with people, THEY WILL ALWAYS BE ABLE TO USE MOVEMENT TO EXPLOIT YOUR BASE OF SUPPORT AND KNOCK YOU DOWN. As you progress in Jiu Jitsu you must begin to trade static base for DYNAMIC BASE, where you use momentary supports in rapid succession to hold yourself up long enough to get your tasks done. This is not an easy path and there is no set way of making this switch – it typically takes place organically over time as you go with opponents – but being COGNIZANT OF THE NEED FOR IT HELPS PUSH YOU IN THE CORRECT DIRECTIONS AS YOU TRAIN. Here, Georges St-Pierre shows characteristic dynamic base as he gets fully elevated yet easily holds his base on one arm and uses his opponent’s body as the rest of his base in a way that will facilitate a hip switch guard pass follow up – a fine example of dynamic base leading to task completion that must become YOUR as you progress.