Climb – don’t jump: When we go to engage our opponent we must have a goal in mind – usually it is of our attacking positions. Now you don’t get given your favorite attacking positions for free – you have to EARN them. Often I see trying to jump immediately to their favorite grips/positions. This can work on occasion, especially against opponents who don’t know your game and who you can thus surprise. However, once your tricks are shown and the surprise lost, you won’t get there anymore. The best way to get to your favorite attacking positions is to CLIMB THE BODY AND WORK YOUR WAY REMORSELESSLY TOWARDS THEM. Start with the part of your opponent’s body that is closest to you – usually his hands/wrists – and work up the arms to the torso/legs. The general is that YOU START WITH THE EXTREMITIES AND WORK YOUR WAY TO THE CENTER OF MASS/TORSO. Avoid skipping steps especially when the opponent is skilled. CLIMB HIS BODY AS YOU WOULD A ROPE – WE DON’T JUMP TO THE TOP OF THE ROPE BUT CLIMB BY HAND TO THE TOP. This approach will give you great and control – the hallmarks of good Jiu Jitsu. Make it your modus operandi and watch your performance improve!