Sometimes the real focus of the isn’t what you think: Very often in the sport of Jiu jitsu seems obvious what the problem you are confronted with as you grapple ; but deeper analysis reveals that it was something quite different. Let’s use the arm bar (juji gatame) as an example. On the surface juji gatame is all about your opponent’s ELBOW, as ultimately your goal is to be able to apply breaking to the elbow that forces my opponent to either submit or face the consequences. Once you begin studying juji gatame however, it becomes clear that central you are confronted with is that of HOW WILL YOU CONTROL YOUR OPPONENTS AND SHOULDERS WITH YOUR LEGS as you will never able to apply breaking to the elbow until the head and shoulders are pinned by your legs. Once you change your focus from the elbow to the head the move becomes much more successful until you come to see the final step of juji gatame – breaking the elbow – as little more than an afterthought. Your initial battle is always that of your legs versus your opponent’s head and shoulders. It is of the greatest importance that you take all your moves and analyze them in this fashion. Constantly ask yourself what the primary problems for that move are – you will be surprised how often what are commonly thought of as the primary problems are really secondary problems and the real issue are quite different from what many believe.