Untying a knot: Have you ever had the experience of trying to untie a big and complicated knot? Sometimes there can come a point where you just get so frustrated that you just aimlessly on the two ends of rope knowing that it will only serve to make the tighter. Many of the situations you will face in Jiu Jitsu have a similar nature. Sometimes it’s so tempting just to yank and pull and push, even when the part of us knows that it will have no effect. Learning to overcome our impulses and have the discipline to exercise the side of our mind rather than the impulsive emotional side is a big step towards maturity in Jiu Jitsu. Next you feel that urge to just apply force without a plan, stop yourself ask yourself the two critical questions you must address in these situations. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM I AM CONFRONTED BY? And WHAT WOULD CONSTITUTE A TO IT. Remember – it’s training – you can always stop and puzzle it out. Then the time that ties up your game you will have the satisfaction of picking it apart and taking a straight line to victory.