Hand control: The vast majority of in Jiu Jitsu require the use of the hands to form effective to an opponent so that the various moves can be performed. As primates, humans are hand-centric animals in all things – Jiu Jitsu included. As such, if we can control our opponent’s hands we can do a lot to shut down his offense. When you take on a dangerous gripper, make sure you pay attention to the possibility of shutting down his game by controlling his hands whenever possible. Just be sure that you do not do it in a way that makes you a negative player whose only concern is stopping the other fellow doing what he wants to do. Always take the action back in the positive direction of offense. So once you establish hand control – go into your attacks rather than just aim to frustrate an opponent’s offense at the hands. Here, Craig Jones does a fine job of thwarting a potential bodylock and is now switching to possible counter attacks – I am sure you can see some offensive starting to emerge out of the initial hand fight – Mr Jones certainly does!