in MMA: So often I hear say are ineffective in MMA. The very same criticisms (that you can lose position or get struck while attempting them or that the could simply not submit and take a break and keep going) all apply to many other moves, but for some reason get singled out. Leg locks are no different from any other move. Done well, they can win you many fights, done poorly they get get you in trouble. As with any other technique it’s success or failure will come down to the precision and the context in which you apply it. Here is a very nice application of an inverted entry into the legs that culminates in a classic squad style outside ashi garami heel hook finish by @king_gozali son of @haimgozali This father and son duo often come to and train with myself and Gordon Ryan in leg kicking skills. It shows here as young Avi gets the fastest submission in Fighting Championship history with a spectacular heel hook! on your technical prowess and develop wisdom in your tactical decisions and you will be delighted to learn that many moves that some disparage can be made a very effective part of your arsenal