Give a little to a lot: Sometimes when beginners get a good position on an opponent they hold on so tight that the opponent cannot at all. That’s not wrong – it’s a good thing to be able to immobilize an opponent. However, very often it is a good thing to allow your pinned opponent a little movement in a direction that can take you from a GOOD pin to a GREAT pin. Your opponent must move in to escape. Oftentimes you can funnel their movement in directions that benefit you rather than him and make big positional gains as a result. Here, Ryan has released a little pressure to allow an opponent to begin moving into an elbow escape, but of course it’s a trap. The movement has created back exposure and a change of grips from Mr Ryan now creates a situation where he goes from good to great and gets a free ride to his favorite attacking position on the back. time you get a good position, with releasing pressure in beneficial ways. You may well find that you too, can a lot by giving a little