Closing distance: The whole game in Jiu Jitsu or indeed, any grappling art, is to get close and come to with your opponent. The act of getting close enough to establish contact – CLOSING THE DISTANCE – is a like any other in Jiu Jitsu and must be practiced and developed. Unfortunately most people just assume that the opponent will engage in grappling and move forward rather lackadaisically and complacently reach out to grab an opponent with about as much technique and tactics as they employ reaching for a milk shake. In a competitive match you will have to fight just to establish basic contact with a skilled opponent. You must have a method of closing and getting to advantageous grips. this – ATHLETES WHO WELL GENERALLY FINISH WELL. Here, Gordon Ryan approaches an opponent in a seated guard. He has barely established contact but you can see he has already taken some considerable advantages even at this early stage. Don’t just approach and grab – APPROACH WITH A PLAN TO SECURE EARLY ADVANTAGE THAT WILL FACILITATE GETTING TO EVEN ADVANTAGES.