A key to confidence when you step out on to the mat – know yourself: The moment you step up to a challenge on the mats, whether it be just another sparring round at the dojo or a big competition; it’s natural to wonder about the abilities of your opponent. What are his best moves? What tactics will he employ? Will he be stronger or have endurance than you? It good to pay some attention to your opponent, but don’t too far down that route, as in truth there will never be any certainty about those questions until the match is over. Put your primary emphasis upon knowing YOURSELF. Know what you are good and what you’re not good at. Use that knowledge to develop a sense of identity – this is who i am and these are my strong points – and seek always to push the match in those directions. You can’t who your opponent is or what his are – but you can definitely who you are and what your skills will be. Any wishy washy thoughts of “what will I do out there?” Must be replaced with a strong sense of who your are technically and stylistically and the will to show that to the opponent. Knowledge of WHAT YOU ARE and a sense of WHAT YOU STAND FOR in Jiu Jitsu will you the clarity of purpose you will need to rise to whatever occasion you find yourself in.

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