Juniors on the warpath: Much of the focus of my posts is on the actions of my senior students as they provide an excellent example for you all in terms of long term training goals and performance increases. However, it is often the path of the juniors that is closer to most people’s daily experiences as many of you are fairly new to the sport and still in the early days of your journey. After all the attention on the seniors at the ADCC World Championships recently, this weekend some of the juniors stepped up at a local competition – here is talented youngster Demian Anderson showing excellent form with leg entries from top and bottom and showing how they can be used both for position advance and submission, using outside ashi garami as the means of his opponents legs. Always remember that it was at this level that Garry, Eddie, Gordon and Nicky began five to seven years ago and grew from there. Keep working at whatever level you currently are – keep your mind on technique and tactics, your energy on your workouts and your vision on your dreams!

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