Denial: All the techniques of Jiu Jitsu are divided into two camps. First there are the positive offensive movements which involve our attempts to our moves upon an opponent. Second, there are the negative defensive movements where we try to deny our opponents ability to impose his moves upon us. Excellence in Jiu Jitsu is about mastery of BOTH types of technique. A big part of our opponents ability to impose his moves upon us is bound up with his ability to get effective HANDLES upon us. If he can do so, then he can moves us around, disturb our balance, work to a dominant grip etc etc. Whenever you are in defensive situations then, BEGIN BY EFFECTIVE HANDLES ON YOUR BODY TO YOUR OPPONENT. There are certain points of the human body that excellent handles to a skilled opponent – YOU MUST PROTECT THESE IMMEDIATELY WHEN PUT IN A COMPROMISED POSITION. learn to use your and elbows to cover up these handles early and you will soon find that subsequent defensive moves are MUCH easier than usual. Here, the inestimable Brian Glick shows his defensive by covering of the very best handles on the human body – the hip – with his elbows in to deny his opponent, Nick Rodriguez, a dangerous back specialist, a solid purchase on his body that could lead to serious problems. The more you deny the main handles of the body to your opponent and the earlier you do it – the more effective your defensive game will be!

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