Lacing your opponents legs: A very distinctive part of our leg lock system is preference for using the principle of whenever possible. Double trouble is the general principle that whenever you go to attack one leg, whether it be with a leg lock, a takedown or a sweep, ninety percent of the comes from the OTHER leg. One of my favorite manifestations of this principle and one which all my students excel at – is a leg lace from cross ashi garami that binds and opponents two legs together and offers a tremendous degrees of control that can be used to hold, sweep and an opponent who is considerably bigger, stronger and more athletic than you. Understand that almost all expressions of human athleticism require the unified work of both legs. When you shackle a mans legs together you rob him of all athleticism immediately – and a leg lace from cross ashi garami does exactly that. Here, shows the control that is from this devastating position as he goes hunting for the secondary leg to solidify his position. Look to utilize whenever you can – not just in leg kicking but across the board. You will be impressed how adherence to this principle can lower your workload whilst increasing your success rate.

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