Every attack from position should begin as an attack upon your opponents posture and balance: To be effective from top position your opponent must work from a strong efficient posture and must be in balance. Your goal always is to take these two essential prerequisites away from him as soon and as often as possible. EVERY ATTACK YOU CAN MAKE FROM IS SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER WHEN YOUR OPPONENTS BALANCE AND POSTURE ARE BROKEN. You can break an opponents balance forwards and backwards and side to side. Develop the of kuzushi (off balancing/posture destruction) and make it the basis of your guard game. Here, I demonstrate the value of keeping your opponents head below his hips as he stands in a closed guard – making many of the major submissions and sweeps much easier. Practice and refine the skill of knocking your opponents hands, knees and hips down to the floor. As he tries to recover balance and stance your attacks will break through easily during that momentary distraction.

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