in Texas!! The squad went on a leg rampage tonight here in Texas in a grappling super show with Whose Number One/Flograppling. The show featured many of the finest and most highly ranked grapplers in a night of super fight showdowns. Nicky Ryan took on one of the best wrestlers in the nation, Tony Ramos. Mr Ryan was able to quickly latch on to a very tight outside ashi garami and employ a very powerful heel hook for an impressive win. Craig Jones played his usual super smooth guard game and latched into a superb inside Sankaku early in his match with the outstanding Roberto Jimenez. Controlling both in a very example of double trouble control he exposed his opponents heel and secured one of his frighteningly powerful finishes. Then Gordon Ryan stepped on stage for the event against current ADCC Champion one weight division below him, the powerful and explosive Matheus Diniz, a master of tactical Jiu jitsu. Mr Ryan took a rather leisurely as it was a thirty minutes match. He scored two impressive reversals from guard position to get mounted and put his opponent under great physical pressure, until he used an off balancing movement from underneath to enter into a very tight inside sankaku with double trouble control and then apply a very well controlled heel hook finish. Three matches against stud opponents and three leg submissions – that’s a a great night in Texas!! Hope you all enjoyed the show!! Looking forward to another big show here in December