Get a good through grip: Projects that begin well are generally easier to keep doing well. In Jiu jitsu everything begins with grip. Getting a superior grip at the outset whilst denying your an effective grip is among the best predictors of who will dominate the exchange overall in the sport. At world championship level everyone is a good grip fighter – anyone who isn’t has been eliminated long ago. Because grip skills are not sexy and exciting to look at, most ignore them. Then when you with a talented opponent and you realize that you can’t even begin to get your moves to because he easily out grips you at the onset of every exchange you realize your mistake. Most of the signature skills of world champions are optional – you can be a champion without them – but I’ve never met a champion who wasn’t an outstanding gripper. Make sure you study grip set ups for all your favorite moves – the better the opponents you have to face, the more you’ll need them. Here I work some basic grip with prior to a bout.