Undermining athleticism: One of the central features of Jiu jitsu is the constant drive to UNDERMINE WHATEVER ATHLETIC POTENTIAL YOUR OPPONENT HAS. The human is constructed in such a way that for every athletic task it is capable of performing, there is an optimal stance or bodily disposition that facilitates that task. Your goal in Jiu jitsu is to interfere with that as much as possible in to reduce an opponent to a klutzy, tied up and useless, unathletic specimen waiting to be submitted. There are many ways to do this depending upon the situation you are in. When it comes to leg locking, arguably the most controlling means of shackling an opponent up in a manner that severely undermines his athleticism is to lace his ankles whilst holding him in cross ashi garami. That immediately prevents an opponent up, coming forward or scooting back and also makes turning difficult. ONCE YOU MOVEMENT – YOU CONTROL THE GAME. Research how to restrain and undermine their athleticism in your favorite finishing holds and watch your finishes skyrocket