How much are you using your head when you grapple? Usually when we say “use your head” we mean you ought to use your brain more – but in grappling it very often is used literally. The head is of the most effective tools you have in grappling, particularly when you hands are preoccupied (which is almost always the case). The must important function of the head is as a pushing implement – it can other functions as well. Whenever you hands are busy and you need to push, block or trap a part of an opponents body – USE YOUR HEAD. It will often mean the difference between a move working or failing. Look how Gordon Ryan uses his head to flatten and align an as his hands are preoccupied by a bodylock pass grip. Keep a straight spine to neck strain as you do it – you will be delighted at how often and how effectively you can use your head to supplement the pushing, and wedging of your arms.