When the is done: of the clearest signs that you have a sustainable training environment is the clarity of the division between work time and playtime in the training. When it’s go time everyone has to be all in. No bullshit, all focus – you’re there to be the best athlete you can. But when it’s done there has to be some clown time to make it an enjoyable part of your day. If it’s all seriousness and suffering even the most disciplined people will eventual tire of it and find another way to live. If it’s all spring then nothing gets done. Finding the right compromise between beneficial suffering and delayed gratification versus happiness and play is the key to longevity in the sport. We take a stance of hard time but very relaxed playtime afterwards with lots of poking at each other and limits humor – the best antidote to the biggest problem of long term development – burnout. Everyone has their own correct balance – somewhere you have to find yours