Lex Fridman podcast: While in Austin I had the opportunity to have a fascinating conversation with the brilliant Artificial Intelligence researcher, Lex Fridman. In addition to his outstanding in AI, Mr Fridman is an avid practitioner of Jiu jitsu and combat sports. He asked many extremely interesting and insightful questions about Jiu jitsu and life with some of the most important being those that came from his unique perspective in AI research and robotics and how this pertains to training in JiuJitsu. I’m not certain when it will be released but I believe it will be some time early next week – if you’re interested I am sure @lexfridman will notify it’s release. Squad juniors Nicky Ryan and Ethan Crelinsten both had very tough matches against excellent opponents last night. Mr Ryan won a very close against PJ Barch in a match that pitted Mr Barch’s excellent D1 wrestling skills vs Mr Ryan’s ability to scrimmage up from guard position to his takedowns. Mr Crelinsten lost to the extremely talented Cade Ruatolo who showed excellent control and a beautifully applied Darce strangle to take a fine victory. Now it’s off to Boston to find an upcoming video as part of the series and then to Puerto Rico to get everyone ready for future events – thank you to Mr Fridman for a fascinating conversation!