Breaking rules: There are many general that we usually observe in Jiu jitsu “don’t turn away from an opponent,” is a common one you hear. always that general rules are usually ABBREVIATIONS of important information – it has to be this way because they are designed to as much information in the fewest words. As such, they have built into them once a little more wordage and information is added. In the case of “don’t turn away from an opponent” what is really being expressed here is “don’t turn away from from an opponent in ways that expose your back.” Once you realize there are ways to turn away from an opponent that DON’T expose your back, then you will immediately it’s ok to turn away provided you take some precautions. Here, Garry Tonon has turned away, but he has used a posting stiff arm to prevent an opponent getting chest to back and lifted his shoulders off the mat so that the back exposure will be momentary rather than prolonged. As such, there is very little of back exposure and thus it is fine to turn away in this case. The general heuristic rules are of immense value because they pack a lot of information into short, easily remembered packages – but realize that every simplification has its limits and exceptions – sometimes those exceptions can be of great value to your performance!