Triangles – Making good choices into one great choice: Among the holds in Jiu jitsu there is a basic choice between strangles and joint locks – both are great options. In the vast majority of cases it’s an either/or choice; the however, is one of the few options that allows you to attack both at the same time. It is a superb strangle in its own right, match the impressive power of your against an opponents neck. However, it also traps, isolates and immobilizes the opponents arm in ways that allow for easy juji gatame armbar attacks, ude gatame arm bar attacks ( arm bar), kimura attacks and wrist locks. Defending one of these is not easy. Defending two at the same time of far harder. Defending two at the same used in combination with the others is damn near impossible. Take advantage of the unique properties of the triangle to your submission percentages next time you’re on the mats!