It’s Fourth of July – put some fireworks in your Jiu jitsu! It’s good to have a Jiu jitsu that has different speeds and approaches so that you can tailor them to different opponents and game plans. Sometimes a slow, controlling game works best, sometimes a fast dynamic game is what’s needed. The problem however, is that some athletes by their very nature are not fast – so how do they increase the pace of the match? Understand that there are different ways to appear fast than just movement. Consider for example the fact that almost every Jiu jitsu match has numerous stoppages in the action when athletes go out of bounds, have to tie their belt, adjust their uniform etc etc. Every time this occurs you have an opportunity hustle back to starting position faster than your opponent and increase the pace of the match without every being faster during the actual match running time. You can be the slowest guy in the whole and still be the first back to the start position every time there is a break in the action. This sends a clear message to your opponent – you might outpace me when the the match is on but I’ll out hustle you every other time – just as in life – hustle will outlast speed. As a fast opponent tires and looks to take a longer break every time the action stops, he looks and sees you hustle to center mat and you keep the pace as high as you can between the action sequences, he will start to fade both mentally and physically. Remember, are different ways to be fast – if you’re slow – find one that works for you. Happy Fourth of July!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸