Looking forward to Texas! This Saturday night in Austin Texas will be one of the biggest events of the year – The Road To ADCC, a grappling super fight event using world championships rule set featuring the biggest names in the sport! will take on one of the toughest men on modern grappling – Dante Leon. Mr Leon shocked the grappling world at the last world championships by defeating one of the greatest grapplers of the modern era – double silver medalist Lucas Lepri. Now he will face a Nicky Ryan in what is unquestionably the biggest test of the squad youngster so far! The show will use the special rules of ADCC finals matches – twenty minutes with any guard pulling subject to penalty – so there will be a lot of standing grappling alongside the ground work. Craig Jones was expected to headline with a match against ATOS superstar Lucas Barbosa but sadly he broke a bone in his hand during takedown and had to withdraw. The event is packed with great athletes. I can’t wait to main event – the great Kaynan Duarte, unquestionably one of the greatest grapplers on the planet, against Matheus Diniz, a master tactician who fears no one and who has the physicality required for such a huge match up! The brilliant technician Michael Musimici will take on the mentally tough and athletically gifted Geo Martinez in a match up contrasting two polar opposite approaches to Jiu jitsu – this should be a tremendous match! There are other great matches as well! Gordon Ryan, myself and other squad members will teach a big seminar the night before on Friday and show the squad philosophy of Jiu jitsu – can’t wait to see you all there and get back to Austin!! Keep your night open to see all these superstars in action!