End of an era: It is with great sadness that I have to announce the break up of the squad as a unified training and competition team. A combination of factors revolving around disagreements in physical location of a school, personality conflicts, conflicting values and an inevitable tension between the team brand and the growing brands of members were the factors. I am immensely proud of the tremendous effect the squad had upon the development and direction of our beloved sport over the years. I am extremely confident that all the various team members have risen in competitive ability, teaching and independent creativity that they will be highly successful wherever they choose to go – whatever happens their legacy is assured and their very bright indeed. As for the future, it is still uncertain. Most of us still get along very well. I expect some will still train together and we will work together in future projects in accordance with our team philosophy, but no longer as a single unified room. I believe the will have the positive effect of creating a larger footprint for the team as they spread out and develop a wider influence. I always believed that the technical development of the team was best created by a tight, unified room, but at the end of the day human happiness outweighs medals and martial and it has become clear that some members would be happier in different locations. I would like to thank all the members of the squad for the tremendous and myriad sacrifices they made to build a team and legacy that will be remembered, in particular, Garry Tonon, Gordon Ryan, Craig Jones, Eddie Cummings, Nicky Ryan and Nick Rodriguez. I would also like to thank the many students who formed the room in which the squad developed and honed their skills; and thank you so much to all our faithful followers for your interest and over the years – I hope and trust we can keep the project of refining our art going despite the changes – Thank you


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