Developing a favorite move: Jiu jitsu is not just a science of levers and fulcrums and centers of gravity; it is a deeply personal art of self expression. In a world of millions of competing choices, you get to choose which will become yours and express yourself through them. It is crucial that you Jiu jitsu this way. The Japanese in their wisdom the importance of this and term favorite moves “TOKUI-WAZA.” You must develop YOUR tokui-waza. From these favorite will come most of your successes. Whenever you’re in trouble they will be your shield. Whenever you struggle to get the breakthrough, they will be your hammer. Here, Georges St Pierre, an athlete whose most famous tokui-waza in was his double leg takedown, works his favorite grappling move – from half guard. As opponents learn that you have a favorite move, they will learn to it – forcing you to evolve and improve your knowledge and performance of the move and to new, complimentary to supplement it – and thus your overall skill level increases like branches growing from the central trunk of a tree. This is one of the best ways to grow quickly in Jiu jitsu – and it all starts with developing some favorites – what will be yours?