Start small, with a plan of how to take it all: When you first come out to with your opponent, the general is to start with minor grips – usually starting at the hands or head. From there you to increasing amounts of body and control. Because control is generally much easier on the ground than it is standing, the typically transitions to the floor, where the idea is to get ever increasing amounts of body in ever increasing amounts of positional dominance. Make sure you realize this is a step by step process. Don’t try to take too much too early. Start with the small actions of gripping hands and head and build from there. Trying to grab too much too early makes you easy to counter attack. progressively towards your and don’t skip steps unless the opportunity is completely open (and even then be aware it could be a trap). You will probably have to repeat this process many times over the course of a tough match – get used to it – it is the way of all Jiu jitsu.