vs weight distribution: Don’t let anyone fool you – weight is a big factor in combat sports and fighting. There is a reason why there are weight divisions. As a general rule between athletes of roughly equal skill, the will go to the bigger heavier athlete. Nonetheless there are some things you can do to make an opponents work in your favor. Understand that if you can make an opponent carry his own weight – EVERY POUND THAT HE CARRIES IS A POUND THAT YOU DON’T HAVE TO CARRY – and that means a heavy man can be made to feel light, even if only briefly – that’s enough to launch an attack! When underneath opponents in guard actively seek to balance them to get their hands on the carrying weight. As their arms carry the weight of their upper body it will suddenly become much easier for you to and manipulate their remaining body into and sweeps. Remember – it’s not just about how much your opponent weighs – but rather what percentage of his is actually on you – that determines your ability to engage him effectively.