The single biggest demand of Jiu jitsu – use your legs as the centerpiece of your grappling game: The single most distinctive feature of Jiu jitsu as a grappling style is the degree to which it emphasizes the use of your legs as the main weapon to use against your opponent. The entire bottom game is based around guard position where you grapple your opponents with your legs. The game is based around getting to three pins, mount, rear mount and knee on stomach where your legs connect you to an opponents and torso. The upper body pins that don’t involve legs – side and north south – don’t even score. The most extreme example of legs as a weapon is the use of strangle holds. The biggest obstacle every beginner in the sport faces is the fact that in everyday life we mostly use our legs for locomotion and not much else, so when we are suddenly asked to complex tasks with our legs we struggle. Developing suppleness and dexterity in your legs is thus of the utmost importance for every beginning student. Just practicing entering triangles with no hands is a wonderful way to start your journey into grappling and foremost with your legs. However you start that journey, how far you progress on it will determine how far and how you go