The other fellow: Many years ago I was in a UFC warm up room getting an athlete ready for competition. As the athletes get ready with exercises and drills they get their hands wrapped by the professionals. It’s fascinating watching a good hand wrapper go to work. They wrap with a precision that makes your hands feel like two steel encased weapons of war. As the wraps were being applied a young athlete was noisily expressing his approval and delight as his hands were encased in gauze and cotton. “Man! My hands feel like two bricks! Anything I hit I will go right through!” He stood up upon completion and smashed one hand into his other and growled as he felt the heavy the wraps gave him. “I could punch a hole in the wall now! If I hit him with these – he’s sleeping!! I feel like a damn super hero!” The hand wrapper looked at him and quietly said, “very good – just that right now in another room your is getting his hands wrapped the same way.” There was a quiet pause as the room reflected on the truth of those words. The athlete went silent and sat down with a reflective look of concern – the euphoria and confidence gone. Don’t put your confidence in things that your opponent has too. You may be strong – so is your opponent. You may be fast – so is your opponent. You may be confident – so is your opponent. Put your in the things that you can build to a degree that others don’t possess at your level – the things that training can create that separate you from others – your technique, and preparation.