Footsweeps: I think we all have that our favorites because they are high percentage and very effective for us – and moves that are favorites because they have an intrinsic cool or wow factor. For me, that was always foot sweeps. No other technique in all of combat sports conveys the effortless effect of total magic trick domination as a well applied foot sweep. In an instant you can drop or stumble an opponent seemingly with no effort, very little movement and low risk. The key is always to catch an unweighted foot. This means it requires timing and sensitivity to an opponents footwork. As such it can be frustrating when you first try as you usually fail to catch the foot in a state of weightlessness. Foot are a that either works brilliantly or not at all – there is no middle ground. So have some patience when you start learning. It won’t come overnight. However, the potential rewards to the patient student are immense. You will have a weapon that can drop an opponent in an instant or stumble them into a secondary technique. Usually footsweeps are applied with both athletes in the position, but be are they are equally effective when you’re sitting and opponent is standing. Learn to catch that unweighted foot and you can make the mat into an ice skating rink where everyone slips and falls in of you!