The power of the triangle: Oliver Taza had a fine win last night in the Emerald City Invitational grappling tournament last night. It featured EBI rules and had some great matches. In the finals he came up against talented former team mate Nick Ronan and it went to over time. In an bar situation Mr Taza made a transition to a triangle – yoko sankaku – and took a fine submission win in addition to his other submission victories via his powerful lock game. The triangle is of the very best submissions and you all must devote serious study to. Unfortunately in Jiu jitsu when people talk of the triangle they usually only refer to one form of triangle – the triangle – and mostly think of it as a weapon from guard. Interestingly in judo the side triangle is seen much more than the front triangle due to the fact that position is not as heavily emphasized as it is in Jiu jitsu and Turtle position is more heavily emphasized than it is in Jiu jitsu. There are five major forms of triangle and they can be done from many scenarios. Only when you see all the types of triangles and the many scenarios they can be employed from will you to reach your potential with this great move