No one ever said your back has to stay on the ground: When we start guard position we typically start in supine positions (usually closed guard in most coaching programs). Because we START there we usually tend to STAY there. This can become a when an opponent starts passing your guard. As they and and threaten to pass there are many times when it’s a good idea to get up your back to stage some last ditch resistance and recover. You don’t always have to do this – but when an opponent is very close to passing it’s often a good idea to get up off your back and post on your elbow or hand to get your shoulders off the mat. This will first, prevent an opponent cleanly pinning your shoulders and head to the mat and completing the pass. Second, give you greater mobility to recover your leg position and put your opponent back in your guard. Like everything in Jiu jitsu (and life) it comes at a price. You can expose your back to a rear mount specialist and your waist to a body lock passing specialist – but sometimes you have to take a risk to prevent a score. If you feel opponents are passing too easily try propping yourself up on hand or elbow to give yourself the mobility you need to recover.