The guard position will always be the most important position in Jiu jitsu: The guard most always be the foundation of your game. The guard represents the single best of fighting effectively from position for extended periods of time that enables you to protect yourself from a single unarmed attacker in a real fight and to employ almost the full arsenal of submissions against an opponent whilst also allowing you your way into top position or stand back up to your feet without exposing your back if the situation should demand it. doesn’t do a very good job preparing us for fighting effectively from our back. If you watch two completely untrained people fight on the ground whoever gets top position generally prevails. However, with knowledge and you can make this position perform in ways that seem near miraculous. However much of a struggle and no matter how initially frustrating it may be, make sure you focus the majority of your training on position and developing a solid guard. Whenever you are outgunned, or smaller, it will be the first and best refuge for you to shelter in and regain the initiative.