What you get is a of what you give: When you with a training partner you work cooperatively to research and understand a technique – it’s a team of two. If member of the team drags his butt and is day dreaming, distracted or just plain not even trying, inevitably this will influence the other partner in to behave similarly. A substandard performance from half the team will quickly create a substandard performance from both. However, if you come in with a positive and enthusiastic attitude and most important of all – a spirit of experimentation – you will have an uplifting effect. That’s when the magic happens. As one partner lifts the other a symbiotic effect occurs where each lifts the other in turn and a session can create genuine progress. Next time you’re drilling take a role from the start – your enthusiasm will lift your partners and in turn his rising attitude will further lift yours – But it has to with of you – why not you?