Heavyweights: are often surprised to hear that I many heavyweights the same way I train lightweights. Too often people underestimate the degree to which bigger people can play a smooth and technically adept that involves inversions and flexible guard play as well as many lightweights. When I come to asses to coach someone I don’t judge them by their WEIGHT and SIZE, but rather by their MOVEMENT POTENTIAL. Some big can extremely well and in these cases, I teach them the same program as the lightweights. Here is Big Dan Manasoiu, at six foot seven (200 cm) and over 250 pounds (115 kg) he certainly is big, yet you can see he inverts into leg locks as well as any lightweight. Don’t let tell you how you should grapple based on size. I’ve see. Small people play a powerful top pressure well against bigger opponents, I’ve seen big men roll the with the speed and agility of a mongoose. Movement quality, not size is the best predictor of how you should play.